Beyond time, space and shapes.

All my work, photography as abstract art, is an exploration into the realms lying behind our physical perceptions. Light, energy, spirits, ancient memories [through places or persons, popular or anonymous ones] ; perceptions of the future, including work on climate change alerts (Jewels of nature), are part of this exploration.

This is an entirely intuitive work: in camera settings as in using digital painting, "rational settings or gestures" are never used. Composition or harmony rules are never taken in account. The world is already harmonious by itself.

Process followed: intuitive photography mostly using fujifilm X series and sometime iphone (jewels of nature and inspiration series) or sony gear (deconstructing and reassembling). Then, from raw shootings, intuitive development, following the "machine (computer) sensations".

Whether you know quantum physics discoveries and theories (or at least their concepts) or are aware of ancient knowledges, you won't be surprised by what this work is suggesting: our physical perceptions allow us to see only 5% of the real world*, time doesn't exist**, and matter is a sole concentration of energy.

Thus, each piece of artwork brings you a particular vibration that your subconscious will feel. Depending on the image, you will feel joy, empathy, serenity, dynamism, etc.

My whole artwork is a medium between invisible realms and our physical world. Just watch and feel...

Limited editions of 30.

Valérie Mazet d 'Auria






A very simple one.

Fujifilm XT3 and 18-135 lense

Fujifilm X100, THE original.

A few mountain pictures are taken with the Nikon D3300 and its fabulous 18-200 lense.

... My 2 favorite brands, with a clear personal preference for Fujifilm, the only brand which philosophy allows intuitive photography, from my perspective. So now, I use only Fujifilm gear.

I shoot in Raw + Jpeg, don't use photoshop.


Abstract art


From fujifilm photographs, I model the shapes and colours so that they convey a certain resonance as faithfully as possible. I have never used photoshop, preferring to start from the raw files and develop them with the fujifilm tools.

The Renaissance collections were created directly in the opensource tool Gimp, which allows me to find mathematical configurations that are conducive to particularly harmonious resonant forms.


The photographs are very little edited, always in the fujifilm tools, just what is needed to render the atmosphere or reflect the impulse of a photographic project.