Hozho naasha

In Native American traditions, there is the concept of walking in beauty. It is a philosophy. That of creating harmony by small progressive steps. The harmony in oneself, the harmony with what surrounds us, the living beings, the places, the nature... That means in balance with a natural way of life.

In my photographic approach, walking in beauty reflects an intention to connect with nature and also with any form of place or scene to portray their humanity, their beauty, their harmony.

This harmony that we sometimes call Atmosphere.



Valérie Mazet d 'Auria


Hozho Naasha : walking in beauty in Navajo/Dineh culture.


A very simple one.

Fujifilm XT3 and 18-135 lense
Fujifilm X100, THE original.

A few mountain pictures are taken with the Nikon D3300 and its fabulous 18-200 lense (yes it is).

For a photographer, beyond the beauty of a scene, the challenge is to show the emotion that overwhelms us at the sight of it, so that the viewer feels the experience that we have. My approach is to take up this challenge by trusting my camera entirely. In other words, I have opted for intuitive photography.
I shoot in Raw + Jpeg, don't use photoshop, just Fujifilm processing tools.



The photographs are very little edited, always in the Fujifilm tools, just what is needed to render the atmosphere or reflect the impulse of a photographic project.

In short, my approach is quite similar to that of the film photography I started with.

See also my abstract art work.