ART elevates our vibration


Most of the pieces presented here relate to a special connection with nature. They resonate with it, transmitting its power to us. They reflect the particular energy of fresh air, transmitting to us a trace or a form of memory. The piece presented below brings the energy and power of the dolphin.



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High quality materials

Depending on the medium chosen, my original pieces are produced in Paris, London or Germany, in 3 different studios known for the quality of their production. For any artwork, each element is checked (colors, texture, transparency, quality of finish, etc.).

My pieces for the outside* are tinted in the mass on plexiglass or on metal - resistant to UV and weathering.

Plexiglas is a material which perfectly reflects the transparency that I seek to render in my work and which induces depth. If we don't want to have this transparency, we produce on metal.

* Only original pieces designed for this purpose may be exhibited outdoors.


Each photograph brings a different vibration which fits into the energetic design of the places where it is placed. Some bring inspiration, others serenity, others stillness or a breath of dynamism or joy. From every color and shape emanates an energy that interacts with the place where it is located. To choose which image is best for your place, follow your intuition without thinking and without listening to your logic.

For indoors, I offer various printing supports according to the creations, from photo printing to direct printing in the mass of metal or plexiglass , including fine art printing on various supports (aluminum, wood, glass).
Each piece part of a limited edition is delivered with a numbered and signed Arttrust certificate of authenticity .




Artworks can be sent to any geographic area.

Different formats on demand.



Some artworks are in limited edition of 30.

Handmade and custom-made, with a commitment to quality.

Abstract art and photography.

Certificate of authenticity.