Listen to the whisper of the trees. ​

Listen to the whisper of the trees. Just connect with them and listen to them. They tell us that they are here to help bring about positive change on this planet. That fires and untimely deforestation are just the latest ways to burn our shadows. They tell us not to give up, to continue the ant work of replanting across the planet, not to be distracted by external disturbances. Continue. The world is awakening, consciousness is rising and trees are multiplying.

Helping to replant trees is helping to create a more harmonious world and a healthier planet.

If you don't have the time to plant them yourself, you can participate very simply in their replanting thanks to the many initiatives.

One example is the ecosia search engine, which respects our data and helps to promote tree planting every time we do research.

Tree replanting programs

You can participate in the many projects for replanting trees and forests, such as



You know other programs ? Please send it to me so that I complete this list.